Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Order your copy of "Borg Ship"!

Well here it is! Some of you asked me if I would sell my artwork, printed. Thanks to your persistence, now you can order printed version in different sizes, maximum 39,5x70,5 inches (98,8x176,3 cm) hope it's satisfying :) I recommend larger dimensions because this is really detailed painting. It can be printed on canvas or paper with different finish options and sent by mail. You can even choose some framing options. Just follow the link: Order your copy Thank you :) Best regards, Mirsad


  1. Of all the star trek fan merchandise I have seen on the internet, this one blew my mind the most. The idea and its execution are so magnificent that I felt the need to look up the synonyms to the word 'beautiful' and read them out aloud one by one while staring at this painting just to feel satisfied enough that I've expressed myself.

    I wish to have this shipped to India, can you help?

  2. Thank you for compliments, I really appreciate it.
    Well, i know that Imagekind have international shipping, I believe that India will be no problem. It just takes about 9 to 12 days to get it to you (that's what they say on their page)

  3. Hey man, moving out soon and after a wild goose chase of 2 hours I finally found this page again. I'd like to buy this. Is it still being sold?

  4. Hello, yes It's still being sold. Just follow the link... ;)